by Mika Pohjola

The Sound of New England, Vol 2, recorded by Mika Pohjola in July 2022, is an electro-acoustic and orchestral album, contrasting to his solo piano outing, vol 1.

This album moves in the terrains of rock, psychedelic as well as contemporary classical domains. The harmonic language is often derived from jazz, the harmonic structure being a repeating ingredient throughout the album. The employed funk-like grooves are often polymetric as well as tension building to the rest of the ensemble. The more relaxed tracks, the tuneful "Charles River" with several sightings, "Remembering Woburn" dedicated to the cancer cluster victims, and "The Smell of MBTA Commuter Rail" offer an introspective kind of timbre, while the Berklee College themed "Seductive Lobby on Mass Ave," "Setting up for 1W," "Getting an X Piano Room" and "Getting Sevens in Ensemble Ratings" remind of an around-the-clock life as a student.

Mika Pohjola's recording career spans thirty years during which he has recorded jazz albums and multi-tracked orchestral works in New York City. In the 2010s he worked as a sound engineer and producer/editor of contemporary classical productions in Stockholm, Sweden. His studio work is a successful merger between jazz, classical as well as electronic styles.

The Sound of New England, Vol 2 invites the listener on an imaginary trip to the urban life of Boston as well to a personal rendition of Eastern Massachusetts's stimulating academic and musical environment.